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ffrohcac's Journal

Fruit Fetishists for the Reunion of the Church!1
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[NOTE: The original moderators have let this community escape their attention, apparently with spamalicious results. Please contact dirgesinthedark through private message with any future problems. Thanks, and have fun!]

This is the official livejournal community for FFROHCAC (Fruit Fetishists for the Reunification of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.) You like mangos? Pears? Peaches? Apples? Maybe a little too much? Us too. And you want the apostolic churches to come back together into communion? Maybe eat fruit whilst doing so? Us too.

The founders of the community are dirgesinthedark (Megan) and daphneisgood (Marjorie.) Megan is a self-proclaimed apostate and Marjorie is an Orthodox Christian convert (illumined April 23, 2005.)

You don't have to actually be a Christian or a lover of fruit to join the community; you just have to... well, you just have to find the premise of the community amusing.

The only real rule is not to post anything too vulgar. We're not REALLY fruit fetishists. We just really enjoy fruit. Fruit is good for you, you know. Dirty scary posts are not. So nothing really disgusting pertaining in any way to fruit or the Holy Churches of God. I (Marjorie) state the last part of that sentence without irony and will not tolerate any sort of attack on Christ or His Church. [Catholic-bashing is acceptable from certain members, on a case-by-case basis, and only if you've earned it by being mindnumbingly hot, which you most likely haven't. So better not try it unless you're sure of yourself.]

The community focuses mostly on the reunification of the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Anglican communions, though this is not meant to be in any way exclusive towards other Christian churches. Also, Bishop Spong gets no fruit. NO FRUIT FOR BISHOP SPONG.

st. basil the greatst. euphrosynos

"As to fruits themselves, who could review their varieties, their forms, their colors, the peculiar flavor, and the use of each of them?"

- St. Basil the Great, The Hexaemeron

ffrohcac has two patron saints: St. Basil the Great and St. Euphrosynos the Cook. For anyone familiar with the story of St. Euphrosynos, it should be obvious why he is our patron. St. Basil is a joint patron for his use of fantastic sarcasm in dismantling heretical arguments, and also his great love for Creation which can be seen in all his writings, especially his discourse on the beginning of Creation, The Hexaemeron.

SS. Basil and Euphrosynos, pray for us!

Please join us, and enjoy!